May 19, 2023

VIVID Cocktail

Introducing the sensational Sydney Sour, exclusively crafted for Matteo Downtown's participation in the VIVID festival.

This remarkable cocktail merges the richness of Casamigos Reposado tequila, the zesty tang of lime juice, the delicate sweetness of agave syrup, and the velvety texture of egg white. To elevate this libation to new heights, a tantalising float of Cabernet Sauvignon gracefully crowns the creation.

The Sydney Sour is a masterpiece born from the fusion of diverse flavours, carefully calibrated to create a symphony of taste that embodies the spirit of VIVID. Served exclusively at Matteo Downtown. Indulge in the Sydney Sour, an unforgettable cocktail experience that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Sydney.

Available throughout The Sydney VIVID Festival 26th May- 17th June

Price $25

Availability: Matteo Downtown